Bridge City Tool Works HP-12 Dual Angle Bench Plane, wauw!

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Sander zegt

Er zijn wat bekende merken schaven op de markt, maar wauw... die kunnen hier niet aan tippen!
Wat een schoonheid, wat een ontwerp en dan de dikte van het mes, ongelofelijk!!!
Dit kunnen we terecht Toolporn noemen, niet normaal mooi gemaakt!

Hand planes have remained mostly unchanged for hundreds of years.
John Economaki, the foremost designer of woodworking hand tools, decided to do something about that. The result is a lightweight plane that is so versatile, precise and durable it may be the only bench plane you’ll ever need.

Dual Ground Irons
John Economaki has pioneered a new way to build a bench plane that uses an iron with dual edges to provide four distinctly different grind angles. The 42° attack angle is for low angle work. The 47° attack angle is for standard work. And the 60° attack angle is for woods you’d like to swear at. Lastly, there is a scrub iron grind for quick cross grain flattening of wavy or difficult grained stock. When not in use, the rear edge of the iron is protected with an aluminum guard.

The robust irons (0.225"/5.7mm thick) are a full two inches wide (50.8mm) and hardened to Rc 60-62 from A2 tool steel. They are lapped to a mirror finish, so no flattening is required.

Add Depth Skids for Thickness Plane
The single most distinguishing feature of the HP-12 is its ability to add depth skids, turning your plane into a 2" (50.8mm) wide precision thickness plane. Bridge City is the only manufacturer that does that.

To set the skids, you can use shop made shims or, as is our preference, pin gages. With the HP-12 it’s entirely possible, and easy, to make multiple components with a thickness that does not vary by more than 0.003" (0.076mm)!

Ideal for making boxes, louvers, models, musical instruments, inlay strips and much more. The skids feature rounded soles that not only reduce friction, but also allow you to set them at different depths for creating amazingly accurate tapered stock (louvers) without having to sand.

More Hand Friendly
All metal front and rear totes fit nicely into both small and large hands. The front tote “mushroom” is turned from aluminum, and then bead blasted and anodized black. This shape is more hand friendly than the more common “balloon” totes. It’s threaded into the throat plate to allow precise adjustment of the mouth. The rear tote is investment cast 304 stainless steel and the angle of the tote is perpendicular to the iron edge, directing the forward motion of the plane straight at the cutting edge.

Unique Blade Locking Mechanism
Traditional locking mechanisms make it difficult to house an iron with dual grinds, a key feature of the HP-12. So we invented a unique toggle lock system that is integrated into the body of the plane and allows for a dual ground iron.

Simply pull the sculpted “D” lever and the entire blade retention mechanism swings out of the way to facilitate iron removal. It’s easy, it’s fast, and the pressure is adjustable.

The blade retention mechanism allows the sides of the plane to be “skeletonized,” creating openings for your fingers and dramatically improving the ability to cant the iron in minute increments.

A Unique Blend of Form and Function
The symmetrical plane body features an adjustable mouth made from 304 stainless steel. The body, 12-inches long (304.8mm) heel to toe, features a 12° bed, with all profiles CNC milled. The sides are CNC milled form 360 anodized aluminum.

Each side is press-fit to the sole with dowel pins and retained with cap screws. The iron is engaged to the depth adjustor via a pin nut attached to a 0.5mm thread pitch lead screw. One full revolution of the lead screw increases the depth of cut by 0.004" (0.1mm).

The lead screw is housed in a split pivot nut turned from solid brass. The result is a backlash-free mechanism that you can adjust by hand.

Twelve degree bed
Twelve degree bed, allowing for three attack angles, 42, 47 and 60 Degrees.

For John Economaki's in-depth review of the HP-12, please visit John's blog on our website@

- Per stuk

Technische gegevens:

- Lengte zool: 305 mm
- Breedte zool: 70 mm
- Breedte ijzer: 51 mm
- Dikte ijzer: 5,7 mm
- Maximale dikte schaafcapaciteit: 45 mm
- Afmeting: 305x70x133 mm
- Gewicht: 2575 g


MerkBridge City Tool Works

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