Woodpeckers 150 en 300 mm Stainless Steel Square Set 1282SS + 642SS in MDF case metrisch

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Sander zegt

Tja dit word hem hoor! Wat een setje, ik denk lekkerder in gebruik dan de aluminium versie omdat de RVS liniaal dunner is dus eenvoudiger aftekent. Daarnaast nog alle gaatjes erin die je kan gebruiken om lijnen af te tekenen.. Tja zoals ik zei: Dit wordt hem! Uiteraard in deze complete voordeel set.  

For a few years we’ve been experimenting with different stainless-steel plate stocks, trying to find one we could machine as consistently as the cast-and-ground tool plate aluminum we use in our Precision Squares. When we found one, we put many of the features of our aluminum squares into the new stainless-steel design, and then added a few more, too. The result is a versatile square, ideal for project lay out work, material and assembly checking and machine set up.

The heart of the design is a one-piece core. Square isn’t determined by pins, rivets, screws or spot-welds like it is in virtually every other square on the market. It’s determined by our state-of-the-art CNC milling centers. The core is machined square by a computer and verified square by our computer-controlled optical inspection system, which is capable of measuring angularity to 5 decimal places. The 1/16" thick blade gets heat treated and tempered ensuring strength and stability. Finally, they're bead blasted to create a non-glare finish that contrasts nicely with the laser-engraved scales. 

Like our aluminum squares, the cheeks added to the central core are narrower, forming a shoulder that keeps your square registered to your stock even when you let go. You’ll love using our new stainless-steel squares for lay out work. First, the scales are laser-engraved to a tolerance of ±.004". The thin blade puts the scale right next to your work, reducing parallax error. And, we laser cut precisely-spaced scribing notches along the blade. Just drop a pencil into the diamond-shaped notch of your choice and slide the square along the edge of your stock. With the diamond pattern, it doesn’t matter whether you push or pull, you’ll get a line perfectly parallel to the edge.

To aid machinery set up, we laser engraved the end of the beam, as well as the edges. The squares stand upright without a hand, giving you both hands to dial in the height of your router bit, saw blade or dado stick. Also like our aluminium squares, we stand behind these squares for the life of the tool. They’re guaranteed to be within ±.0085°. To put that in perspective, on the 1282SS, the maximum error you could find at the far end of the square would be less than the thickness of a human hair.  If you ever find it outside that tolerance, we’ll fix it or replace it.

All Woodpeckers tools, including these Precision Squares, are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory.

- 1x Roestvrijstalen Winkelhaak 150 mm
- 1x Roestvrijstalen Winkelhaak 300 mm
- 1x MDF opbergplaat

Technische gegevens:

- Scale: metric
- Blade Thickness: .062"
- Blade Width: 642SS 1.25" / 1286SS 1-1/2"
- Cheek Thickness with Blade: .750"
- Cheek Length: 642SS 3-3/8" / 1282SS 7-1/4"


EAN Code810018201050

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