Woodpeckers Clamping Square PLUS Rack-It

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Mooi ophangsysteem om je Clamp Squares en klemknoppen altijd snel bij de hand te hebben. In een goed georganiseerde werkplek is het beter en sneller werken. Woodpeckers helpt hierbij met slimme en compacte opbergsystemen. Kijk bijvoorbeeld ook naar hun Clamp Rack-It System.

Keep large panel projects perfectly aligned while you install fasteners, add additional features, or simply visualize your design. Woodpeckers new Clamping Square Plus is longer, wider and stronger than our original design, giving you better performance for the same price. In our new CSP design we incorporated a series of 3/8” holes, then designed our new CSP Clamp to drop easily into any of the holes and secure the square faster and easier than separate “F” or “C” style clamps. After we finished the CSP Clamps it occurred to the team that you would need a place to keep all these squares and clamps handy, so we came up with the CSP Clamp Rack-It. It’ll keep your squares and clamps right where you need them. 

Notice that Woodpeckers Clamping Squares PLUS work either inside or outside the workpieces. Take a look at the inside corner, too. You’ll see a relief cut that won’t bind on your stock if something is cut just a wee bit out of square. Speaking of square, these assembly tools are CNC machined out of one solid chunk of aluminum to a tolerance of ± .0255 degrees! The square legs are 1-1/4" wide, 6-3/4" long, and 3/4" thick.

We designed the new CSP Clamps as the perfect companion for the Clamping Squares Plus. They’re more convenient than separate clamps, locking directly into the holes on the squares. The large, easy-to-grip knobs tighten more securely than the round handles found on most clamps. The extruded aluminum clamping jaw won’t mar your stock with normal clamping pressure. The fast running Acme thread spins down quickly and locks down tight. The CSP Clamps work with material as thin as 3/16” and up to a full 2”.

With a set of 4 Clamping Squares Plus and the 8 CSP Clamps that go with it, you can overstuff a shop drawer in a heartbeat. Leave the drawer for your pencils and tape measures. Mount our new CSP Rack-It to the wall and you’ll have custom-designed storage for the full set. The Rack-It holds the CSP Clamps head-to-tail so they’re easy to grab one at a time. The Clamping Squares rest perfectly on their bracket and are always ready to go. The Rack-It has a durable powder coat finish that stands up to heavy shop use. #10 pan head screws included for mounting.

Of course, the Clamping Squares still work with any ordinary clamp. You can buy them in pairs or larger packages by themselves. If you want the convenience of the CSP Clamps, we have special bundles that include Clamping Squares Plus and the appropriate number of CSP clamps to go with them – with or without a CSP Clamp Rack-It. Put your panel projects together faster, easier, and more accurately with Clamping Squares Plus and CSP Clamps. Patent Pending.

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