Woodpeckers Board Mill 53-3/4" capacity

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De goedkoopste flattening mill die Woodpeckers maakt, dus eigenlijk voor zo'n beetje iedereen geschikt en anders zelf maken! Ondanks dat hij redelijk betaalbaar is, is hij wel van de Woodpeckers kwaliteit die je mag verwachten!
Er zijn wel wat functies vervallen dus hij kan wat minder dan zijn duurdere broertjes, vooral in het bereik heeft hij wat ingeboet, maar nog steeds voor de meeste mensen genoeg!

Vanwege de grote vraag en snelheid vertalen we het later, dan kan het nu al op de site.

The Wall Street Journal recently spotlighted the growing trend in using reclaimed lumber in high-end homes. Live-edge slabs are starting to show up in shelving as well as tables. Hardwood lumber can be up to 40% less expensive when purchased rough-sawn instead of planed. What do these three things have in common? They all point to the need for a way to flatten wide boards. If you don’t have the space or the budget for a $10,000, one-ton jointer in your shop (and, frankly, who does?), but you still want flat boards up to 16" wide, Woodpeckers new Board Mill is for you.

Establishing that first flat face and straight, square edge can be a challenge on wider boards. How do you flatten a 12- or 15-inch wide board when you have a 6- or 8-inch jointer? Even within the capacity of your jointer, wide boards can be difficult to handle, particularly when it’s 1-1/2" thick white oak, rock maple or other gnarly hardwood.  Woodpeckers has taken a different approach to milling the first face and edge. Instead of wrestling your board across a jointer (that you probably don’t have), Keep the board stationary and move the cutter. 

It’s the same basic concept we introduced a year ago with our Slab Flattening Mill, with a few tweaks. The Board Mill carriage positions the router much lower, enabling it to work on stock as thin as 3/4". With the change in carriage design, it was possible to incorporate a stop that controls linear travel…now you can make perfectly straight edge cuts. And, being designed for a much narrower range of material thickness, it was easier to incorporate dust collection. 

Once you lock down that heavy, awkward board, your router rides the rails in a defined plane, cutting away warp, twist, bow and cupping on the face of your board. Once the face is flat, switch bits and cut the edge of the board perfectly square to the just-milled face. Now your thickness planer has a true reference to follow and you have a straight, square edge for your table saw rip fence. 

The Board Mill is optimized for stock from 3/4" to 1-3/4" in thickness. The cross-rail assembly rides directly on the long rails for stock up to 1-1/16". For stock between 1-1/16" and 1-3/4" just insert the riser blocks…no screws, nuts or bolts needed. The base model will handle stock up to 16" wide and 53-3/4" long. There are also extension kits for length capacities of 77-3/4", 101-3/4" and 125-3/4". 

The Board Mill is compatible with most any router, fixed base or plunge. While it works well with larger routers, we find it well suited to 1-3/4 HP models, such as the variable speed Porter-Cable 6902VS shown in the photos. We recommend the Amana RC-2250 replaceable insert spoilboard bit for machining faces and a 1/2" down-cut spiral straight bit for jointing edges. We also have larger spoilboard bits if you’re using a 3+HP router. 

Already have Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill? The Conversion Kit includes the shorter-framed carriage, short cross rails and carriage stops you need to face and edge thinner stock. You’ll use the long rails that came with your Slab Flattening Mill. Just by switching cross rails and carriages you can face thick, live edge slabs or straighten and square normal thickness stock.

- 2x 6-foot long rails
- 2x 2-foot cross rails
- 1x router carriage with built-in dust ports and skirt
- 2x riser blocks
- 2x lateral carriage stops
- 1x “Y” dust port
- 1x long rail brace
- 4x clamping dogs 
- All necessary brackets and hardware to mount the Board Mill to your plywood (plywood not included)

Technische gegevens:

- Maximum board width: 16"
- Minimum board width (without shimming): 3/4"
- Maximum board width (without shimming): 1-3/4"
- Maximum board length: 53-3/4", 77-3/4", 101-3/4"or 125-3/4" 


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Woodpeckers Amana Tool Carbide Insert Spoilboard Router Bit

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