Woodpeckers Multi-Function Router Base Extension Rods - 1 pair / Verlengstangen 30,5 cm, 2 stuks

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Heb je niet genoeg bereik met de standaard stangetjes bij het Multifunctionele Router Base Systeem? Dan heb je deze verlenging nodig! Eenvoudig toevoegen en je kan meteen grotere cirkels maken! 
Ze passen op elke stang. 

A router on its own is a lot like a draft horse without a harness… a lot of power with no direction. Woodpeckers new Multi-Function Router Base harnesses the power of your router and turns it into an accurate portable milling machine complete with micro-adjustment. The Multi-Function Router Base fits most routers that have through holes for guide rods (and that’s most of the routers on the market). Once mounted you can move the router in either a controlled straight line or a perfect arc. Whether you’re cutting arcs on the edge of a project, mortising, creating decorative patterns, or routing recesses, the Multi-Function Router Base unlocks your creativity and delivers unparalleled accuracy. Let’s look at just some of the functions.

Edge-Guided Cuts Close to the Router Bit
Setting up a cut guided by the edge of your stock is a simple three step process. Lock the edge guide in one of ten different positions…right at the cutter or up to 8" away. From there you can slide the router along the guide rods until it’s close to your layout line. Then you can dial in the exact location of your cut by moving the router with the micro-adjuster. 

Edge-Guided Cuts Away from the Router Bit
If your edge is more than 8" away from the cut, add the extension rods and position the edge guide up to 21" from the cut. Need more? You can add as many optional extension rods as you need. They’re sold in pairs and each pair adds 12" of reach. 

Straight Cuts Not Parallel to an Edge
If you need to groove a board on an angle, you can clamp any straight edge to your work to guide the cut. The micro-adjuster eliminates the tedious adjustment necessary when you’re using a standard router base. All you have to worry about is getting the angle of the straight edge correct, the exact position of the cut can be dialed in perfectly. 

Cutting Small Arcs and Circles
The base has four locations for the trammel pin, each offering a range of distances to the router bit. Just like the straight cuts, you get “in the ball park” by choosing the axis point, get closer by sliding the router along the guide rods and get to your exact spot by using the micro-adjuster. Then cutting an arc is as simple as engaging the bit and spinning the router around the axis. Working with the axis point closest to the bit you can cut a circle just 3/4" in diameter.

Cutting Large Arcs and Circles
The extension base also accommodates the trammel pin. Now you can position the axis point of your arc up to 22" away from the bit…or even more if you add more extension rods. 

Two large pins can be installed in the base which allow you to center the base on the edge of your stock. This is a technique you may have seen used by several different drilling and routing fixtures. But here we have a little bit of a twist. By using the micro-adjuster, the bit doesn’t necessarily have to be centered between the pins. This means you can accurately machine mortises wider than the bit you’re using or offset your mortise to create a shoulder. 

Woodpeckers Exclusive Features
There are similar router bases on the market, but the Woodpeckers Multi-Function Router Base takes the concept to another level. First, the router mounting system enables you to accurately center your router in the base. We didn’t leave the rods loose on the outboard end, either. There’s a clamp to lock the rods and the router firmly to the base. When using the extension, the trammel pin is perfectly centered in the entire assembly, improving balance and making it easier to rotate. For all applications, the micro-adjuster has a total travel of 1-5/8".

Solid Phenolic plate
We build the Multi-Function Router Base using solid phenolic plate…a dense, flat, tough material that will stand up to heavy use. All metal parts are stainless steel, anodized aluminum or brass…there’s nothing that will rust. You’ll love the fit and finish on this well-built, well-designed tool. To be sure you order the correct model, you need to know the diameter of the guide rods for your router. We have them in 5/16" 3/8" and 10mm, which covers just about every router on the market.

- Per set van 2 stuks (12")

Technische gegevens:

- Lengte: 30,48 cm (12")


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