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Teaser van Sander

LEUK: Filmpje van Rian (tester)

More info from one of the testers:

Rather shocking test results of the new PS420

I honestly have to admit that I am quite a proud Festool owner. Over the years I bought - and am actively using - quite a collection of fine Festool wood working tools. For the floor of my workshop my wife selected something in Festool green for a reason.

Last weekend I was invited by GereedschapPro to test the new Festool PS420 Carvex (II) jigsaw against the Protool JSP120 - which resembles my Festool PS300 in nearly all details except for the color and the rubber padding on the handle - the Bosch GST140, the Makita 4351 and the Mafell P1cc. And so I did, together with two other wood working tool fanatics.

Nearly half the day was spend in just looking, feeling carefully examining the jigsaws before really putting them to the test. We discussed the smallest details, we spend quite some time looking into detail which attempts are made by the manufacturers to gain control and precision on the blade.

We measured the torsional and the lateral movement on the blade. This is were my shock started. The PS420 appeared to have significant more torsional and lateral movement than the Protool JSP120 and significantly more than my old trusted PS300 - which I brought with me. Not to mention the Mafell P1cc which did not appear to have any tortional nor lateral movement at all. With regards to the PS420: you don't have to measure it, just hold it between your fingers and try waggle it. On the Protool JSP120 and on an old Festool PS300 you hardly feel any movement. Even not on mine, which I used quite some years quite intensely. On Mafell P1cc no movement at all. Impressive... On our brand new Festool PS420 though we could easily rotate tortionally and move the blade fixing point laterally. By shaking the PS420 we were able to hear the tolerance. Not what I am used to with my Festool tools at all. Quite disturbing.

Adjusting the claws guiding the saw is something I do with great care on my Festool PS300. On the Protool JSP120 this is done with the same nice specially made Allan-key stored in the baseplate, just as on the Festool PS300. On the Festool PS420 you have to find the normal Allan-key in the Systainer and you have to remove the base plate in order to be able to properly reach the claws adjustment bolt with the Allan-key. Not too complicated but not at all an improvement. And so we did - we carefully adjusted the claws on the PS420 as well as on my PS300 to the new, fresh, long blades to prepare them for testing in a 100x200mm Finnish pine beam.

The results of the test cutting through the 100x200 mm pine beam were similar to the results of the test cutting through 40 mm IKEA kitchen high density chip plate. Basically the PS420 appeared to be the slowest and the hottest. Burn markers near the surface of the plate, only on the PS420, indicated already that the guidance of the saw blade in the PS420 should not be considered its best detail.

In the 100x200 pine the interference between the blade guidance claws of the Festool PS420 and the saw blade got the blade red hot locally. It got that hot that the blade bended backwards. As a result of the deformation the interference between blade and claws increased, leading to even further heating of the blade leading to even more deformation. Sparks appeared, the saw blade turned into an expensive and hot boomerang. Twice.

The Mafell P1cc and the old Festool PS300 did not have any difficulties with the 100x200 pine using the same type of blade as used in the Festool PS420.

Conclusion so far: the Festool PS420 is a nice looking nice feeling beautifully detailed machine with lots of interesting and handy accessories, but it fails doing the job when put to the test in slightly more challenging wood. If you insist on a Festool, you are better off with the old PS300. If however you really want the best of the best with quite some unique features and accessories, buy yourself a Mafell P1cc.

Next week more detailed info.. so stay tuned, we'll be back...

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